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  Henk Springer's PSL


These are the pictures of my SSG97.

I bought it about a year ago here in the Netherlands, it was brand new. It came with

a 6x32 scope. I bought a 3x9x42 scope, and also a laser sight.

It's a fine rifle to shoot with, however in my opinion the butt stock is to short for me.

tried to find a longer replacement, didn't succeed so far.

The Harris Bipod was mounted on my request by the seller of the rifle. He owns a great store with all kinds of rifles.

The handstock needed a little adjustment on the inside. The bipod fits perfect, and in my opinion it looks great.

There are not much places here in the Netherlands to shoot with the SSG97, but sometimes we are allowed to

the military shooting facilities, so we can shoot at 100, 200, and 300 meters.

Still very proud to own a rifle like this. In the future I'd like to buy a original Dragunov.


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