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Hilljack's Tigr


I have wanted one of these rifles since the first time I saw one in the early 1990's.  The price always kept them out of reach.  In the late 90's, J&G sales sold them for $800.  I jumped on one. Beans and rice was the main dish in my house for quite some time.  It was worth it.  What a rifle. Russian reliability and old Cold War mystique.  Add to that the use of 7.62x54R ammo, something I had been shooting in Mosin Nagants for years.  In time, I added a polymer Dragunov stock. This helped accuracy quite a bit by improving the cheek weld while using the scope. The fit and feel was much better than to sporter stock that came with the rile.  Also added a 6x 42 scope. The extra magnification helped with my type of shooting. For ammunition, there is a lot of surplus out there. Have shot a bit of it, but not so much any more. I prefer not to shoot corrosive. Mainly stay with Wolf now, because it is non-corrosive. One exception to this is Russian sniper ammunition. There was a batch of 7N1 that came in to the USA, in 2006.  It seems to be some pretty good stuff.   

The ammunition pictured here is German Extra Match 200 grain.  Have fired a few of these through the Tigr, and accuracy was good. Recoil was heavy, and I do not plan on firing any more of it, due to the rarity of the rifle.











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