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Hilljack's NDM

My favorite rife, combined with my favorite cartridge. The style and mystique of these rifles are irresistible.  One of the main advantages this rifle has over its 7.62x54R counterparts is the availability of high quality ammunition. The match chamber doesn't hurt accuracy either. It doesn't help if you want to shoot surplus ammo, but that's not what this rifle is all about. 


The Chinese got this one right. They did a great job of copying the design from the Russians, and adapting it to 
.308 Winchester.The first picture is a stock NDM with 4x scope, and wood stocks. The later pics are of how I like the NDM set up.  The Russian synthetic stock is great.  For iron sights, rotate the cheek piece down, and you are lined up.  For scope use, rotate it up, and you are ready to rock. The Chinese 4x scope is actually pretty clear and bright. The problem, for me, is the lack of detents from 100 to 300yard settings. Settings are just friction set, in this range.  Also, I like a bit more magnification. I wanted to stay with a Dragunov
style reticle, but have finer adjustments on the scope.  IOR had just the thing. A 6x scope with a Dragunov style reticle. The glass seems to be a bit yellow, when looking through this scope. The image though is very sharp and clear.  Adjustments are a great improvement over any PSO scope.  



One problem I've had with this rifle, has been pierced primers. This has happened with commercial ammunition, and some match. AKE suggested having the firing pin tip smoothed/re-contoured. Sent it in and here it is, in comparison to the CDNN firing pin.



The shinny one on the right has been re-contoured.  It used to look about like the one on the left.  Will test different ammo to see if  this corrected the primer problem.......














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