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Birddog's PSL


This is my first communist bloc rifle. I have been a rifle shooter my entire life, and this is a welcome addition to my collection. It is a TG kit FPK, with a POSP Pro 6x42 scope. The wood is custom made by BattleRifleG3, compliments of Romakdaddy sending it to me, and custom fitting the upper handguard to a new gas tube.

 The fourth picture includes my Pedersoli 'Billy Dixon' 1874 Sharps rifle, chambered in 45-70. 

Marksmanship Then and Now. Below are the Romak 3 FPK, and a Davide Pedersoli 'Billy Dixon' model 1874 Sharps rifle, chambered in 45-70. The load for this rifle is a 530 grain bullet over 65 grains of black powder. Both rifles were designed for long distance marksmanship, and capable of excellent accuracy.
















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