Chinese NDM-86 in .308 Winchester


Pierced Primers

Gas Tube




The missing link for accuracy, on the SVD system: a good caliber. 

7.62x54R is a wonderful cartridge, but in the west, an accurate loading is hard to find.

Enter the .308 Winchester. There are so many loads for this round, it is  hard to list them all.

Care should be taken, on selecting ammunition.  Even with the correct spring loaded firing pin, pierced

primers can be a problem. Harder military primers are best. Most commercial loadings do not

use these primers. Some loads may be hazardous, while others may be fine. Careful inspection

of the fired brass, and primer are a must. If pressure signs are encountered, discontinue the use

of that ammo. In the ammo section, of this site, the results of some of my testing are listed.  Each

rifle is different, and you may have different results, in your rifle.  If you are having pierced primers

with your NDM this INFO may be of use to you.


The top two pictures are of a standard NDM, the bottom two are of  an NDM with an IOR mount

and an IOR 6x42 scope, and Russian synthetic stocks.  The laminated stocks look great, but the

synthetics seem to fit me better.  Click on the pictures to enlarge them.