Ammunition for 7.62x54r


All these loads were tested in my Tigr. Your rifle may do better or worse.


The Russian sniper load, 7n1 is currently available on some of the auction sites.

It is corrosive.



Russian Extra match is good ammo, but is heavy, at 200 grains.

It is corrosive.



Blackhills made some ammunition for the military.  It was made with 174 grain

Sierra Match Kings. If you find any, BUY IT.  Its good stuff. 



Some of the surplus ammo is decent, some is crap.  All of it is corrosive.



Nothing spectacular, but it is decent, and non-corrosive. Pretty much my

standard Tigr load.


Wolf  White Box (Novosibirsk LVE)

As above.


Tula 148 FMJ

As above. 


MFS 174 grain FMJ

Heavier recoil, with no real improvement in accuracy. Cases are slick .



Privi Partizan

Had high hopes for this ammo, but it just didn't pan out.  Accuracy

with the 150 grain load was poor at best.  With the 180 grain stuff, recoil 

was heavy, and accuracy poor. 



Another hopeful that didn't hit the mark.   Shot the 150 grain soft points,

poor accuracy again.



Have read that this ammo is loaded by S&B and sold by Winchester. Mixed results

with this ammo. Have shot the 180 grain sp load with good accuracy. Have also shot

some of it and had pierced primers. Was running it across the chrono when this happened,

Velocity was 2700 fps.  This was at 5400 feet elevation, and from a 20 inch barrel.  Pretty hot load.