Reloading for .308 Winchester in an SVD


Reloading for .308 Winchester is pretty straight forward, for a rifle cartridge.  Reloading for

a semi-auto adds more complexity. NDM's were imported with free floating firing pins. After

some slam fire issues, CDNN issued a recall on the rifles they sold. Their "repair" is questionable.

A proper Russian style SLFP is a good option. Unfortunately, few are available now.

The bullet manufacturer Sierra has very good information on reloading for a semi-auto.

I recommend following this information.


The following information should be used at your own risk.  No warranty expressed or

implied. Each rifle is different, so reduce the powder charge, and follow your own reloading

manuals recommendation.


Military brass is thicker than commercial brass, and a better choice for these rifles.

I went with Hirtenberger surplus brass, because I have a few cases of it. I'm sure Lake City

brass would work well also. Have been using CCI#34 primers for many years, in Garands,

with no issues, so I went with them.

Here is one recipe:

Brass: Hirtenberger Length 2.005"
Bullet 0.308 Sierra 168gr MK
Powder IMR4064 41.0 gr
Primer CCI#34
COAL 2.810"

Three round groups at 100 yards with this load


Five round groups at 100 yards.